Friday, July 23, 2010

The Pioneer

This Saturday is Pioneer Day in the Great State of Utah. In honor of the Pioneer heritage we celebrate as communities during this holiday I wanted to mention just a couple of ideas.

Allow me to indulge in a personal explanation:
This is my Dad:

Why put a picture of my Dad on this post about pioneers you might ask?

Well, let me explain, in a way my Dad is a pioneer, you see, my Dad shared a love for fishing with my brothers and me while growing up in Northern Utah. (Granted in the earlier years of our fishing we weren't exactly "fly fisherman" but, we did fish with flies from time to time!) He, through the years, has shared his love for fishing with us. His love has changed to a passion and has been infectious for me as well. Some of the best times and conversations we have ever had as Father and Son have been while fly fishing together. From my perspective that is part of what pioneering is: a way to pass down what we are passionate about to those we love. Of course the other part is making a trek into the unknown to find new opportunities.

This is the other idea, making a trek into the unknown to find new opportunities. Finding new opportunities to improve ourselves is what we strive to do here at Therapy on the Fly. We are working on finding ways to make families stick together and work through difficult times. If we can be a part of keeping a family together we will have fulfilled our mission as a company. Let us show you the importance of sticking together like my Dad and I have while fly fishing.

Thanks Dad, you're a Pioneer!

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Kaylyn said...

Very inspirational! Thank you Scott!