Monday, October 26, 2009

Proposed Office

So, we have decided to spread our wings and look for more opportunities to help people improve their lives and relationships. We are currently fishing for office space in the Ogden, Utah area and believe we have found a sweet fly-fishing base in downtown Ogden. We are currently seriously considering moving our main office to the Historic Old Post Office. We may be moving in as soon as next week. Here are a few pictures of the building:

The photo above is the front of the building!

Here is the Lobby on the Main Floor

Go up four floors and here is the office we are considering.
(It is currently waiting to get new carpet so, excuse the mess on the floor.)

We really like to contrasting wood around the doors and windows.

There is a sky light that lets in a plethora of sunlight.
We hope things work out and we will be able to get moving forward on the next chapter-which actually is a continuation of the first chaper of the Therapy on the Fly story.
We will keep you updated over the next few days and weeks...