Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photo Shoot

Our Brother-in-law Issac Stephens came to Loa this last week to shoot some amazing photos for our website and for his portfolio.

He also was able to try his luck at fishing for some feeding Brookies. He caught eight in a row until the light was overwhelming and his passion for photography took over while my passion for trout continued. Here are some of the best from his shoot:

Andrea casting

Another great shot on a local stream

Boulder Mountain Brookie

Isaac's excitement about the fast Brookie action on Boulder Mountain!

Thanks Isaac, you do amazing work.

For more of Isaac's work visit

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The fishing continues to be great for all species here in South Central Utah. Above are a couple of Cutthroat we have been catching the last week or so. You'll notice that the bottom fish took a Hopper. That makes for some fairly aggressive and blantantly obvious takes! The top fish was taken on a Stimulator.
Give us a call and we'll get you into some.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boulder Mountain Grayling Update

Yesterday Mike James (The Quiet Fly Fisher) and I went four-wheeling in his Suburban on Boulder Mountain, okay, so maybe we were in pursuit of Grayling. After bouncing around on the mountain for a few miles we started fishing. I had a mess on my fly reel to fix and Mike was already set up so he went straight to the lake and caught two by the time I untangled my mess. The fishing was great and we both hooked into some beautiful fish. They were feeding on the surface as well as underneath. Here are the fruits of our labors:

Come and join us for some grayling. We would love to bounce you around and the ride is well worth it to sight cast to some beautiful fish in an absolutely gorgeous setting!